Garfield™ & Friends SpaghettiHeadz™


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Meet Garfield™ and the gang with SpaghettiHeadz™! You'll be a fur-riend of everyone with our Garfield™ & Friends collection.

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Height9 in
Width2.5 in
Depth1 in
CompositionsPolymer Clay
PropertiesUnamused Garfield, Happy Odie, Unamused Arlene

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 Made of polymer clay, SpaghettiHeadz™ are eco-friendly swirls of fun in funky new styles for girl of all ages. Available in a variety of collectible charm packages, Spaghetti Headz™ are made to be styled and collected together. Teens will love our sophisticated colors and feathers too! From birthdays, to holidays, to kittens and “OMG”s our collections will have girls begging for more!

Steps: 1. Take a thin section of hair (about the width of a pencil) and twist it once or twice. 2. Place the twisted section of hair under the top loop and hold it in place. 3. With your other hand, wrap the hair in a counter-clockwise direction.